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Raphael Diluzio is a writer, dreamer, imagineer, inventor and artist whose practice is centered in visual image making, primarily in the relation between traditional studio art and digital time-based media. His interest lies in reconnecting a traditional praxis in painting with technology. The result is live digital performances and, Time-Based projected paintings,installation, and visualization.

Raphael actively writes and publishes his theories on time-based painting and working in a Time-Based Medium as well as critically examining how  New and/or Time-Based Media affects our culture. He currently resides in Maine, where he has undergone a two year recovery from a brain injury and subsequent post-concussive-state,sustained while waiting at a light in his tiny, red, Honda Fit and being struck from behind by an eighteen-wheel truck carrying a full payload.

Long before the disaster, he grew up along the coast of California, whereas a child all he wanted to do was make images in any way possible from drawing to early experiments with 16 mm film. He began private studies in drawing at the age of nine that continued until he was sixteen. He is a practicing artist and tenured Professor of Art and New Media the University of Maine.

Even during the two and a half years spent recovering from his injury Raphael continued to produce new cutting edge works exhibited internationally. Most recently, his newest works were exhibited in Belarus, Geneva, Barcelona, Slovenia and Rhode Island.

He is the founder of the research-ants collective, a continuously shifting and transforming group of international artists. His writings and work have appeared in many publications: the most recent of which are his co-authorship of the book VJing, Editor,Manuel Schmalstieg,©2010 Grayscale Press, and recently included in the book time-based art history book, pintura eimagen en movimiento (Video Killed the Painting Star), Javier Panera Cuevas,  ©2010 Fundacia n Ciudad de Cultura.

Providence Rhode Island

Installing, “You Are My Sunshine,” ©2009, Raphael Diluzio

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